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Social Progress

Social responsibility is the unity of enterprise interests and social interests

The behavior of enterprises undertaking social responsibility and safeguarding the long-term interests of enterprises is a "mutually beneficial" behavior of social development and the cornerstone of enterprise survival and development. Taller company receives BSCI review every year, passes BSCI certification, improves the standardized management mode, reduces the risk of management control, and is open to customers to provide database and information sharing.

Employee Development

Concern & Care

Based on the principles of long-term, dynamic, coordinated, fair, efficient and innovative employee development, Taller enterprise should not only maximize the initiative of employees and improve the utilization of human resources, but also provide employees with an opportunity and platform for continuous growth and successful career. The company customizes career planning through employees' vocational training, performance appraisal, performance and competition platform to provide direction for employees' development, so as to create a new corporate culture in line with Taller's reality.

Delivering Innovation

Sustainability goals

"Sustainable development" is one of the missions of Taller development. We strive to build the social influence of enterprises, so as to enhance the leadership of the industry. Over the past 25 years, Taller and third-party testing institutions have jointly created the testing standards of the lamp industry and played a leading role in the field of lamps.

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